On June 8, 2018 the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest (HLCNF) released a Draft Revised Forest Plan (DRFP) and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) as part of it's forest plan revision process (this includes the area we know as the Badger Two Medicine).

The Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance (GTMA) has analyzed these documents and will submit formal comments to the HLCNF on content in these documents that addresses future management of the Badger-Two Medicine Area.

The Badger-Two Medicine can use your help. Please submit written comments to ensure that the final revised forest plan contains specific language to fully protect the cultural and wildland values of the Badger-Two Medicine Area for decades to come.

Please submit a brief, personal letter on the Draft Plan / DEIS to the HLCNF.  

In your comment letter, consider asking the HLCNF to:

  1. Select Alternative D of the DEIS for the final revised forest plan.

  2. Assign a Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) classification of  "Primitive" to the Badger-Two Medicine area for both the Summer and Winter seasons.

  3. Prohibit both motorized travel and mechanized recreation transport (including mountain biking) in the Badger-Two Medicine area.

  4. Make a commitment to restore American Bison (Buffalo) on the Badger-Two Medicine landscape during the lifetime of the HLCNF Final Revised Forest Plan.

  5. Write co-management (co-stewardship) of the Badger-Two Medicine Traditional Cultural District by the HLCNF and the Blackfeet Nation as an achievable forest plan component (Desired Condition).

Three Ways to submit your comments.

  1. Regular Mail:
           Forest Plan Revision
           Helena – Lewis and Clark National Forest
           2880 Skyway Dr.
           Helena, MT  59602

  2. FAX:  406-449-5436

  3. Electronically / online:

The HLCNF must receive your comment letter by October 9, 2018.