The Badger-Two Medicine is surrounded by an integral wilderness. 

It is situated at the north end of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front and just south of Glacier National Park.  The Badger-Two Medicine Roadless Area nurtures and sustains visitors from out of the area, as well as those living along its borders.

Campers, hikers, fisherman, back country horse people, skiers and snow shoers visit the wilderness region all year long. Wildlife ventures out onto the foothills to provide exciting viewing opportunities for tourists and locals alike. Breathtaking views and brightly colored flora reward the patient (or surprised!) watcher. Peaceful streams and some of the quietest locations in the nation allow the city-weary to get away from it all.

The region provides practical resources as well.

Local ranchers graze their livestock in the area. Every fall hunters on foot and horseback make use of the natural bounty found within its boundaries.

The Blackfeet Reservation borders this pristine country. Blackfeet traditionalists perform ancient ceremonies. Herbalists gather plants to use in traditional medicine. The Badger-Two Medicine is designated as a Traditional Cultural District under the National Historic Preservation Act because of its spiritual, cultural and ecological importance to the Blackfeet people.

The Badger-Two Medicine is a critical Montana resource that will bring the most benefit to its residents and neighbors if it remains in its pristine condition.