Recovering Grizzly Bears

Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance is working to create a future where grizzly bears and people can both thrive by addressing 21st century challenges to grizzly bear conservation.
Perhaps no species better represents the rugged, wild character of the Crown of the Continent than the mighty grizzly bear. These large bodied, wide-ranging mammals are vital to the health of this ecosystem, as well as a culturally and economically important species.
While the grizzly bear has made a remarkable comeback due to the protections of the Endangered Species Act, the grizzly bears’ future in the Crown is still far from secure. Continued habitat loss, increasing barriers to movement, and conflicts with people – especially livestock owners, all threaten to reverse the conservation gains of recent decades.

Protect Habitat

Years of research indicate grizzly bears benefit greatly from secure habitat where they can easily avoid conflicts with people. We engage with federal land managers and other parties to ensure land management practices properly protect core grizzly bear habitat.

Shape Policy and Management

Grizzly bear management should be based on the best-available science and informed by Indigenous knowledge. Unfortunately, science-based policy and management is under assault from some elected officials and politicized agency leadership. Along with other wildlife advocates, we are standing-up for scientifically-sound state and federal grizzly bear policy and management.

Prevent Conflict

Living and recreating in grizzly bear country contributes to the beauty of life in the Crown. Yet it can create conflicts that pose risks to human safety or livelihoods, as well as lead to dead bears. GTMA helps reduce conflicts and promote coexistence through community education programs and assistance projects.

Enhance Connectivity

Grizzly bears’ future depends on their ability to roam to find forage and mates, as well as establishing interconnected populations between northwestern Montana, Greater Yellowstone, and central Idaho. GTMA works to reduce barriers to movement locally, and advocates for policies that promote natural migration between grizzly bear populations.

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