Mission & Approach

Our Mission

The Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance is dedicated to the protection, stewardship, and shared enjoyment of the culturally- and ecologically-irreplaceable wild lands of the Badger-Two Medicine and its interconnected ecosystems.

Our Vision

A child of future generations will recognize and can experience the same cultural and ecological richness that we find in the wild lands of the Badger-Two Medicine today.

Our Approach to Conservation

Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance utilizes a place-based approach to conserve public lands, waters, and wildlife in the northeastern Crown of the Continent ecosystem. Our aim is to ensure wild nature can flourish along with human communities and cultures in this rugged region of Montana for generations to come. We pursue this mission through four complementary strategies:

1. Grassroots Advocacy

We apply the power of grassroots advocacy to promote science-based natural resource management and policy, as well as to hold agencies accountable to manage public resources according to the law.

2. Effective Partnerships

We cultivate trusting relationships with diverse partners to boost our collective knowledge, capacity, and ability to address today’s complicated conservation challenges because our impact is greatest when we work together.

3. Support Tribal-led Initiatives

We provide support for Blackfeet and other Indigenous-led initiatives to conserve traditional lands and resources, to strengthen tribal leadership in natural resource management, and to restore cultural lifeways and practices.

4. Outdoor Stewardship

We organize or assist community-led efforts to connect people to wild nature in order to inspire people to care for and defend the remarkable natural and cultural resources in the northeastern Crown.

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