Fighting Invasive Species

Protecting native plants, restoring wildlife habitat.
Noxious weeds and invasive plants pose a major threat to the ecological integrity of the Badger-Two Medicine and surrounding lands. These aggressive, non-native species outcompete native plants, degrade fish and wildlife habitat, increase soil erosion, and reduce water quality. 
Noxious weeds also contribute to declines of traditional sources of food and medicine and inflict substantial economic losses from diminished agricultural productivity.

What We Do To Stop Invasives Species

Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance is helping lead the fight against noxious weeds and invasive plants in the Badger-Two Medicine and on adjacent tribal and private lands. We utilize an integrated approach to weed management designed to complement the efforts of management agencies, landowners, and other organizations.

How You Can Help:

You can make a difference for public lands and wildlife by helping to prevent the establishment and spread of noxious weeds or other invasive species.

  1. Limit the Spread - Clean your gear, vehicle, and animals between outdoor trips! Don’t let invaders hitch a ride on your boots, backpack, tires, or pet.
  2. Volunteer with Us – Whether it's donning backpack sprayers to apply herbicides around the Marias Pass rest area, pulling weeds in environmentally sensitive locations, or releasing biological control agents, our amazing volunteers help eliminate invasive plants and improve the health of the ecosystem. Join an upcoming project.
  3. Report Noxious Weeds - If you have a smartphone, you can easily report noxious weed observations that contribute to state-wide monitoring and control efforts. Download Instructions.

Raise Awareness

We work to raise awareness of the threats posed by invasive species through educational programs, informational resource distribution, and trailhead signage. Through our stewardship programs, we teach people how to identify weeds, and empower them to take actions to limit the spread or report new invaders.

Strengthen Partnerships

Effective control and management requires working across land ownership or jurisdictional boundaries. We help connect public and private partners to facilitate greater information sharing, coordinate treatments, and monitor invasives, resulting in more effective management across public, tribal, and private lands.

Conduct Treatments

Government agencies cannot treat all the infested acres they manage alone. We augment their efforts by mobilizing volunteers to pull and spray weeds, by contracting the Piikani Lands Crew to conduct herbicidal or other treatments, and by releasing biological controls to reduce the density and vigor of targeted weeds over time.

Collect Data

Effective control of invasive species requires a solid understanding of their distribution as well as early detection of new arrivals. We participate in regional and statewide monitoring and surveillance efforts to document current distribution, identify and report new invaders, and monitor the effectiveness of biological controls.

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