Land and Water Protection

We keep public lands and waters wild, connected, and intact.
The Badger-Two Medicine and surrounding areas in the Crown of the Continent ecosystem comprise the heart of one of the wildest, most intact landscapes left in North America, a breathtakingly beautiful region of rugged mountains, vast uncut forests, wind-swept grasslands, and countless miles of crystal-clear rivers and streams.   
Today this region faces mounting pressures, especially from increased visitation and recreational use, private land development, and political pressure for greater resource extraction, all of which threaten the region’s ecological integrity and natural beauty.
Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance works to protect public lands and waters from irresponsible development and mismanagement so that natural processes continue unimpaired, native species thrive, and people can experience wild places in a responsible and sustainable way. And because these lands are the traditional homelands of the Blackfeet, Kootenai, Salish and other Indigenous peoples, we support Tribally-led initiatives to protect their sacred sites or culturally-significant places, and to strengthen Tribal leadership in stewardship and management.

Current Priorities

Protecting the Badger-Two Medicine

The Badger-Two Medicine, lands sacred to the Blackfeet Nation, is the largest, most ecologically and culturally significant piece of unprotected public land in the entire Crown of the Continent ecosystem. We are helping build a brighter future for the Badger-Two Medicine and the wildlife and people who call it home.

Recreation and Visitor Use Management

An unprecedented surge in visitation along with new forms of recreation has created significant challenges for land managers in the Crown as well as threatens wildlife and other resources. We identify and advance solutions that protect our treasured public lands and waters while ensuring people can still responsibly enjoy them.

Other Initiatives:

Ninnaastukoo Conservation Landscape

The Blackfeet Nation has undertaken an innovative initiative for the Ninnaastukoo (Chief Mountain) area to restore lands and conserve wildlife, to advance culturally-informed resource management, to protect cultural resources and revitalize cultural practices, and to strengthen cross-boundary collaboration with federal agencies. We are honored to help advance this visionary project.

Preserve Wilderness Lands

The northeastern Crown contains vast tracts of wilderness, public lands that are largely free of modern development or human manipulation where natural processes dominate and wildlife and people can roam. We defend the unique, wild character of designated Wilderness areas and advocate for new designations for deserving, unprotected places.

Kiyo Crag Lake in the Badger-Two Medicine

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