Stewardship & Recreation

As an organization committed to the shared enjoyment of public lands, we are passionate about getting people of all ages and backgrounds outside to learn and grow. That’s why we mobilize people through stewardship projects and educational events that increase knowledge and foster a land ethic rooted in respect and reciprocity. 
We are also working to build a more inclusive local outdoor recreation community by reducing barriers to participation for tribal members and other historically underrepresented groups. We help people of different backgrounds and abilities experience the outdoors, gain new skills and confidence, and learn to recreate in a way that is respectful of the land and its other users.

Current Priorities

Trail Stewardship

Trails are integral to people’s ability to access and experience wild places. The Forest Service alone cannot maintain all the trails under its jurisdiction. GTMA supports their work by monitoring and reporting trail conditions, contracting conservation crews to perform maintenance, and mobilizing volunteers to conduct trails projects.

Fighting Invasive Species

Invasive species, especially noxious weeds, are a major threat to native plant species, to healthy fish and wildlife habitat, to people’s ability to gather traditional foods and medicines, and to the recreational enjoyment of public lands. GTMA is mobilizing our community and partners to stop the spread of destructive invaders!

Connecting Youth to the Land

We believe that the outdoors is for everyone! Yet many people in our community face substantial barriers to outdoor recreation. We are working with community partners to provide opportunities for people, especially Blackfeet youth, to enjoy the outdoors, to enhance wellness, or to build skills and confidence to recreate independently.


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