Invasive Species


Invasive Species

Protecting Native Plant Communities – A Conversation with Dawn LaFleur

Native plant communities are the foundation of healthy, functioning ecosystems. They stabilize soils, improve water quality and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Unfortunately, many native plants are struggling due […]

A group of volunteers pose with herbicide sprayers before a noxious weed event

Fighting Invasive Plants and Noxious Weeds


The Badger-Two Medicine and surrounding lands of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Reservation are home to a dazzling diversity of native plants, nearly 1100 different species according to one […]

Volunteer smiling while carrying an armful of noxious weeds

Volunteers Needed for Badger-Two Medicine Weed Pull!

Glacier-Two Medicine Alliance is co-hosting the first annual Two Medicine Community Weed Pull and Education Event on Saturday, August 6 to help fight noxious weeds in the Badger-Two Medicine. Volunteers […]

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